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About us

We are a small business, specialized in the Curly Girl method, from Helsinki, Finland. 

About Curly Girls Shop

Our wide selection of Curly Girl products include top brands from Finland, USA, UK, France, Netherlands, among others. 

Every product is hand picked one by one so that you could have a wide range of products suitable for the Curly Girl method. Our selection includes products suitable for everyone, from fine and straight hair to strong and thick afro hair. 

All products are suitable for the Curly Girl method (except for the Final wash shampoo). Some of our products are also vegan and 100% natural! 

You will find all the categories from the front page from ”Categories”. 

The founder of the Curly Girls Shop

The founder of the Curly Girls Shop, Susanna, is a curly hair professional from Finland. She owns a Curly Hair salon called Salon Enigma in Helsinki, Finland. You can follow her curly hair magic in Instagram or Facebook. If you are interested for a curly hair cut or color, please visit Salon Enigma website. 

You can read more about curly hair cut from ”Q&A”. 


Thank you for your interest in Curly Girls Shop!

You can find more information about our products, the Curly Girl method and curly hair cut in the "Q&A" section.

You can also find us from: 

Instagram: @CurlyGirlsShop

Facebook: Curly Girls Shop