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Double the Clay - Syväpuhdistava Savi
Pretty Curly Girl

Double the Clay

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Moroccan Lava & Bentonite
Removes build-up and moisturizes your hair.

Double the power with this all natural cleansing and conditioning clay. Moroccan Lava (Rhassoul) is the moisturizer and softener. Bentonite clay is the detoxifier. High concentration of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and silica. Drawing out toxins, product build up and dirt from you hair and scalp while giving your hair extra moisture and softness.

How to use: mix 1 tablespoon clay into 1/4 cup of water to make a thin mixture pour onto your hair and massage in. Leave for about 30 seconds before washing. Do not let the mixture dry in your hair.

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay and Rhassoul Clay (Moroccan Lava)

Distributed by PrettySkin * 3051 EJ * 35B * the Netherlands

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Tämä tekee proteiini tarpeiset hiukset aivan ihanan tuntuiseksi ja kihara on kerrassaan mahtava tämän jälkeen!!!
Kiva kun ainesosissa ei ole muuta kun savea. Jättää hiukset kiiltäväksi <3