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Care and styling products for fine hair and sensitive scalp, empowered by natural ingredients from the north. This has been our speciality for nearly fifty years.

CUTRIN products have been developed to meet the needs of fine hair and sensitive scalp: volume and body for flat hair, relief for sensitive, flaky and dry scalp, and color protection to combat the fading effects of the sun.

Their lightweight and fine formulas combine weightless nourishment, hold, and protection against external stress factors. CUTRIN  enhance the health and beauty of fine hair no matter what the conditions are.

CUTRIN is a forerunner in utilising natural ingredients from Nordic nature. They use sustainably procured Nordic ingredients that have just the right properties to protect and care for fine hair.

CUTRIN is among the leading Nordic brands for hair cosmetics designed for professional use. Their selection includes high-quality products infused with natural ingredients for home and professional use.



The products of the CUTRIN AINOA range are made in Finland with love, and sustainably. The products have been developed and tested in Finland and they are manufactured at our Espoo factory. The products are powered by responsibly sourced nutrient-rich ingredients of the Northern wilderness: sea buckthorn seed oil, sea buckthorn vinegar extract, cranberry seed oil, birch sap, bilberry seed oil and crowberry extract. The 100% vegan products are packaged in recyclable plastic containers partly made from recycled plastic.



CUTRIN VIENO is a fragrance-free product line developed together with the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation for fine hair and sensitive scalp. Ideal for gentle hair care and styling without any extra ingredients – without compromising the end result. VIENO is especially suitable for people with fragrance allergy or sensitivity and also for those who want to avoid extra chemicals. The hair care products contain soothing cotton grass extract from Nordic nature and effectively moisturising active ingredients for nourishing both hair and scalp.